Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Top 10 Make-Up Must Haves

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of blogging for the past few months! But, now I'm back! I still don't have a battery for my camera. I'm actually trying to see if I can go out and buy a battery today! But, I just wanted to share with you guys my top 10 make-up must haves! :) So here we go:

1. L'oreal Hip Loose Kohl Eyeliner. I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner. I usually have a problem with applying eyeliner on my lower waterline because I wear contacts and sometimes it gets in my contacts and it's hard to remove and my eyes get irritated. But, not with this one! Since, it's loose kohly eyeliner, it still does get in my contacts but if I blink a couple of times it goes away. And this product stays on all day! I've been wearing it everyday for the past week now and I never had to reapply it at all during the day. The only thing about this product is, since it is loose eyeliner, it tends to get messy and sometimes I tend to have fallout and I don't know about anyone else who have tried this product but the wand for mine got bent when I put it back in the little bottle. And, I noticed at different drug stores that they rarely have a black one! LOL. I first saw this at Ulta, but they didn't have a black one. I finally found one at Rite Aid and they had only one black one! My friend wanted one as well, so we tried Walgreens and she got the last one there too! I found that it was like a dollar cheaper at Walgreens. I got mine for about $13 at Rite Aid and my friend got hers for $11.99 at Walgreens.

2. Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Waikiki Strip/Peachy Glow Bronzer. I first heard about this product from a make-up guru on Youtube ( She used it alot in her videos and it looked really good on her. So, I picked one up and I fell in love with this product! There's a dark and light side. The dark side is great for contouring and the light side is great for highlighting. When I first used this product, I got so many compliments saying that I was glowing, lol. I got mine at Walgreens, but I got it when it was on sale. The normal price for this is about $13. I sometimes use this for eyeshadow as well, so that's a bonus!

3. Wet 'n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I am in love with this liquid eyeliner. I actually heard about this liquid eyeliner from my friend. I needed to touch up my make-up one day when I was at her place and I didn't have liquid eyeliner on me, so I used hers. And I love the applicator because it gives me so much control! I love it! Another great thing about this liquid liner is that it's cheap! I got it for $2.99 at the drugstore (I can't remember which one).

4. Ardell 105 Lashes. I am in love with these lashes. I like my eyelashes long and dramatic, but not too much. This one was perfect! A friend of mine actually picked this out for me. Before, I bought this I bought the Ardell Fairies Lashes, but I didn't like it too much. It wasn't dramatic enough for me. LOL, but this one is so perfect! Now, this is $5.99 at the drugstore. :)

5. Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude. Now, when it comes to lips I don't really like too much color because I'm more into making my eyes dramatic, so I love nude lips. I found out about this lipstick from a make-up guru on youtube ( I'm not really a lipstick type of girl, but I do love this!

6. NYX Lip Gloss in Pink Frost. I always pair up this lipgloss with the Nude Attitude lipstick (above) and it gives me a perfect nude lip! :) I love this color and it smells good! :)

7. mark Speedway Concealer in Golden. I love this concealer! It's so amazing. It's so easy to put on and I love how it just blends perfectly with my skin tone. I also use this as a primer for my eyeshadows and it prevents the eyeshadow from creasing. :)

8. L'oreal Bare Naturale Foundation in Natural Beige. I'm not really into foundation and It's always hard for me to choose the perfect shade for me. I love this one though! It's just right. I like to have light coverage and this one gives me just that. :) I like the brush that comes with, it's so easy to blend and put on.

9. Maybelline Lash Stilletto Mascara. I have really thin eyelashes, but when I put this mascara on, my eyelashes get so LONG! I love it! This is one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. It does have kind of a smell to it, but the smell doesn't really bother me.

10. Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. And of course, last but not least you gotta have moisturizer! I have dry skin, so I need a moisturizer that's thick enough to last during the day without my face feeling dry and this one just does the trick. I use this daily in the morning before I put on my make-up. Another bonus of this product is that it has SPF 15 to protect my skin when I'm out and about in the sun. :)

So, there's my top ten make-up must-haves. :) Hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll talk to you next blog! :) Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm working on it! :)